Sense of Interdependence and the Altruistic behavior

Ching-Ying Yu; Tzyy-Jan Lai

This study was based on the charity and disaster relief for the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. During disaster relief efforts, the focused action should not only be emergency services, but the prioritization of psychological problems, panic and depression in the victims.
We try to investigate and answer two questions, firstly, would it or is it beneficial to oneself to take altruistic behavior? Secondly, how or what factor will lead to more altruistic behavior? This study used sample questionnaire and proved the following two hypothesis:when one participate more (measured in frequency) or in depth (measured in variety of activities) in the altruistic activities, it will lead to higher individual utility, and a more coherent community. When one has higher sense of interdependence between self and others, perceived social distance is small will participate more in altruistic activities.

Key words: altruistic behavior, charity and disaster relief