Activity Content


Content: A 10-minute presentation by each speaker followed by joint discussion(bilingual translation provided)

First Forum (9:10 – 10:25)

Speakers: Venerable Chi Chern, Venerable Guo Xing, Gilbert Gutierrez

Second Forum (10:45 – 12:00)

Speakers: Venerable Guo Jing, Simon Child, Zarko Andricevic

Meditation Workshops

Content: Experience a taste of Chan in one hour, with 15-20 minutes Q&A (bilingual translation covering main points provided)

First Session:Meditation Workshops (13:45-14:45)

Teacher:Venerable Chi Chern(Venue I)

Teacher:Simon Child(Venue II)

Description: Meditation is a powerful tool to investigate the nature and functioning of your own mind. This can lead to liberation from confused and dysfunctional mental habits and to realisation of fundamental but previously obscured peace, clarity, and wisdom. In this workshop you will be introduced directly to the process of investigation of mind, with instruction and a period of sitting meditation practice.

Teacher: Zarko Andricevic(Venue III)

Description: Silent Ilumination is one of the two main methods of practice in the Chan tradition and it is commonly associated with Caodong school. At this workshop, we will talk about the underlying principles of this method, about the potential difficulties that may arise in practice, as well as about the “stages” of development in its use. After this general introduction, guided meditation will follow so that the participants could have a taste of Silent Illumination. Before ending there will be some time for questions and answers.

Second Session: Meditation Workshops (15:15~16:15)

Teacher: Gilbert Gutierrez(Venue I)

Description: Experience A Proper Meditation Session. Gilbert will set forth the necessary elements that need to be present in any Meditation session with any method.This includes the principles of Right View, Contemplation, Pratityasamutpada and Turning the Mind’s Inward. These elements have been gathered through Master Sheng Yen’s instructions, deep study of the Sutras and treatises of the Ancient Masters and the personal practice by Gilbert.

He will then lead the participants in a guided meditation session to instruct them on its use. Time will be left for a Question Answer period. Gilbert has taught this practice in many retreats and the practitioners have experienced profound insight into Mind. This instruction works and it works right away. It will also correct misunderstandings regarding the application of the Method that prevent profound progress in the practice.

Teachers: Karmen Mihalinec and Ela Vukelja(Venue II)

Description: Zenyoga is a special form of Yoga based on the principles of Chan practice and its three aspects that represent a model of a holistic approach to life:, bringing the body, breath and mind into harmony. It is therefore a discipline of bringing our whole being into a more balanced state using a wide spectrum of physical postures, breathing, corrective exercises, partner work and meditation. It includes elements of Hatha yoga, as well as Chinese Daoyin exercises. But most of all, it is an exercise of mindful presence or coming into contact with the unique experience of the present moment through attunement of the body.

This workshop will include a short introduction to Zenyoga for all participants. No prior experience is required. Please wear comfortable clothes.

Teacher: Rebecca Li(Venue III)

Description: Relaxing into Clarity. In this workshop, we will practice Silent Illumination as taught by Master Hongzhi to cultivate clear awareness of our entrenched habitual tendencies and learn to release them to free us from suffering.

“Wherever you go, whether or not you benefit from being there, let that place benefit from your being there.” –Chan Master Sheng Yen