Master Sheng Yen founded Dharma Drum Mountain with the mission of propagating Chan Buddhism led by the core principle of protecting the spiritual environment and carried out through the Threefold Education, i.e. Extensive Academic Education, Extensive Public Buddhist Education and Extensive Social Care Education, in order to purify our world He himself has taught meditation and led numerous retreats in the East and West as a way to spread Chan Buddhism. Moreover, he encapsulates the wisdom of Chan Buddhism into a modern concept of “protecting our spiritual environment” and designs the movements of the Four Kinds of Environmentalism, the Fivefold Spiritual Renaissance campaign and the Six Ethics of the Mind as a means to apply the Buddhist teaching in our life. Working together with peoples invarious fields, we aim to purify people’s mind, speeches and actions, purify our societies, enhance the well-being of humanity and the whole world.

Honoring Master Sheng Yen’s 10th year passing, Dharma Drum Mountain conducts a three-day international event from June 28 – 30, 2019 comprising two sub-events:

June 28 The Development of Chan Buddhism in Contemporary Era.

We invite Master Sheng Yen’s dharma heirs in the East and West to share the development of Chan Buddhism in their areas, how they inherit the teaching and transmit it through their responses to people’s needs among different generations, cultures, and geographical areas. This event will be conducted in two parts. There will be two meditation forum in the morning and six workshops in the afternoon.

June 29-30 International Conference on Buddhism and Social Science.

Having been aspired by Master Sheng Yen’s wish of promoting the cross-discplinaray sharing and learning, we continue to nurture our experience by extending the dialogue between Buddhist scholars and practitioners to scholars and experts in the fields of economics, public governance and management, finance, accounting & business administration, and sociology. We cherish this opportunity and look forward to spending this meaningful time with you.