Buddhism, Sociology, and Digital Analysis: On the Design Framework for the “Platform for the Analytics of Information on Contemporary Buddhism”

Sai-yau Siu

Inspired by Master Sheng Yen’s philosophy of teaching and learning, this research aims to develop a digital database called “The Platform for the Analytics of Information on Contemporary Buddhism”.
The Platform has three distinctive features: Firstly, it allows users to obtain the latest and authentic information and news about international Buddhist societies. Secondly, with innovative, state-of-the-art technology for data visualisation and 3D computer graphics, the system can automatically interpret and visualise the collected data in an interactive way. Thirdly, taking advantage of artificial intelligence in data analysis, the Platform helps researchers carry out preliminary studies on social networks of Buddhist communities.
The web-based application will not only provide teachers with an effective educational tool for the in-class exploration of social and religious issues in contemporary Buddhism, but also help expand cultural horizons for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. More importantly, it will serve as an indispensable online knowledge hub for investigation into the sociology of global Buddhism.

Key words: Philosophy of Sheng Yen, modernisation of Buddhism, Digital Buddhist Sociology, contemporary Buddhist communities, AI-driven data analysis