Discuss How to Realize the Pureland in Real World from Humanistic Buddhism: Taking Hong Kong Polin Monastery as Example

Shihui Ruan

Abstract:Hong Kong is a region with multiple religions; however, the education and public opinion of the society was mainly based on the Christian culture of mainstream Western thoughts in the last century. Because of the return, a large number of talents from the Mainland entered into Hong Kong with different thoughts and changes. With the development of modern economy and technology, people gradually have realized that purely pursued the world view of the other shore may be separated from the current life form. Today, the trend of Chinese traditional culture has begun to revive in Hong Kong, and people have gradually turned their attention to Buddhism. At present, Buddhism is booming, especially when Humanistic Buddhism turns its vision into literature, education, media and political activities, and gradually reveals its social education function in Hong Kong. This paper analyzes the differences between Christian education and Buddhism in Hong Kong, explores the pursuit of pure land and its accessibility in the world. Finally, the cultural activities of the Po Lin Monastery are used as examples to study how to grasp the humanistic Buddhism accurately and how to achieve the pursuit of pure land. This paper is to introduce suggestions for the current development of Buddhism in Hong Kong and promote the growth and construction of humanistic Buddhism.

Key words:Pureland; Humanistic Buddhism; Po Lin Monastery; Buddhistization